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New synthesis routes for drugs

PLASMIA Biotech is a biotech company dedicated to explore new and more efficient ways to synthesize different drugs.

Its technology, patented by PLASMIA, is based on the use of enzymes that act as catalysts for one-step synthesis of nucleoside analogues. The obtaining of analogue nucleosides with this technology represents greater speed of synthesis, a reduction in costs and lower production of waste, thus reducing its economic and environmental impact.

Currently, PLASMIA is working on the development of synthesis routes based on the use of a broad variety of enzymes to improve the production of different types of Active Principle Ingredients (APIs) for oncologic and antiviral fields, at different development stages from Proof of Concept to pilot scale.

PLASMIA’s technology can also be used in different phases of the Drug Discovery process, whether in the production of libraries of new molecules or in the modification of these molecules to obtain compounds with greater biological activity (Hit to Lead campaign and Lead Optimization).


Discover our development of biocatalysis and our offer in APIs, Intermediates and Prodrugs synthesis processes.


Nucleoside Analogues

Check our collection of Nucleoside Analogues catalogue and request what you need at info@plasmiabiotech.com


New Molecular Entities

The PLASMIA technology allows to accelerate the discovery of new drugs. Discover our Libraries of New Molecules.