Support in biocatalysis and development of syntesis routes

At PLASMIA we know that the research and development of synthetic routes is usually a complex and expensive process with numerous difficulties.

For this reason, PLASMIA offers its support for the development of chemical and biocatalytic processes, studying and optimising the synthesis routes of our clients on a laboratory scale and offering scientific and technical guidance during the industrial scaling up.

PLASMIA experts team can develop new scalable, robust and efficient synthesis routes for your APIs and intermediate products, incorporating biocatalytic phases in the process.

The incorporation of biocatalysis into synthetic processes enables more competitive routes to be obtained, with less phases and that allow a reduction in the generation of contaminant waste for the environment.

The development of new synthesis routes for your molecules includes:

  • Assessment, exploration and development of new routes
  • Optimization of the reaction conditions on a laboratory scale
  • Support during the technology transfer
  • Support in the phase of industrial scaling and optimization
If you require our support during the development of chemical and biocatalytic procedures or you would like us to design an efficient synthesis process for your products, contact us via