Technological Platform

Our technological platform is constituted by a battery of enzymes obtained by transgenesisbased on extremophilic (capable of working at high temperatures) and mesophilic bacteria. These enzymes act as biocatalysts allowing synthesis of nucleoside analogues in a single step and with a greater degree of purity. PLASMIA uses two families of enzymes for this purpose (NP and NDT). The PLASMIA enzymatic platform is protected by several patents.

  • NP: Nucleoside Phosphorylase
    Montilla et al., Thermostable biocatalyst combination for nucleoside synthesis, 2010 (EP2338985A1, WO 2011 076894 A1, US 8512997 B2)
  • NDT: Nucleoside Deoxyribosyltransferase
    Pascual-Gilabert et al., Biocatalytic production of nucleoside analogues as active pharmaceutical ingredients, 2013 (US 61/817064, PCT/EP2014/058761)
  • NP & Cytosinic Analogues
    Pascual-Gilabert et al., Enzymatic production of cytosinic nucleoside analogues, 2013 (EP13197287)

At PLASMIA we also use a large variety of enzymes available for the synthesis of many other products.